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      1. Online Class: College Application Counseling

        In this online program, rising seniors will receive strategic guidance as they craft each component of their college applications. Led by a Former Admissions Officer from Yale, weekly sessions will expand on key pieces of the application process. In addition, a designated Graduate Coach will edit students' work. Students will work alongside other applicants in an online classroom to learn what it takes to achieve admissions success. This course is designed to give students every tool they need to develop strong applications.

        Our Program

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        Online Class

        Build your applications in a classroom setting

        Get Started
        12 Weekly Classes 60 minutes
        2 Individual Sessions with Former Admissions Officer - School List and Personal Statement 30 minutes each
        3 Rounds of Feedback on Personal Statement ?
        1 Round of Feedback on Activities List ?
        2 Rounds of Feedback on Supplemental Essays for 1 School ?
        1 Final Review of 1 Completed Application ?