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      1. Application Counseling

        You are only as good as your application. You have probably heard of students with perfect GPAs and eye-popping test scores who didn’t get in anywhere. You have probably also heard of students with subpar numbers who got in everywhere. What’s the difference? Their applications. From creating a school list to editing essays to interview prep and more, we will strategize and edit every single component of your college applications.

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        Work 2-on-1 with a Former Admissions Officer and Graduate Coach on 5 college applications

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        Quite simply, the most comprehensive Application Counseling program for all of your college applications

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        Number of Applications Up to 5 Up to 15
        Personal, Dedicated Graduate Coach from Top School ? ?
        Strategy + Review from Former Admissions Officer ? ?
        Dedicated Mentorship from Former Admissions Officer ?
        Video Chat, Phone, and InGenius Google Group Email Support ? ?
        School Selection ? ?
        Personal Statement – From Scratch to Perfection ? ?
        Honors and Activities Lists ? ?
        Supplemental Essays Up to 5 schools Up to 15 schools
        Letter of Recommendation Support ? ?
        Interview Prep ?
        Final Review from Additional Former Admissions Officer 1 school