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      1. Academic Mentorship

        Your academics aren’t just confined to the classroom. Colleges looks for students who have gone above and beyond the typical high school curriculum to explore their unique academic interests. Whether it’s research, courses, or guided studies, admissions officers value demonstrated intellectual curiosity. In this innovative program, you will conduct a custom, individualized mentorship with a professor, researcher, or scholar from a top university in your academic area of interest. The result? You’ll walk away with a capstone project, relationship with a mentor, proof that you can study at the collegiate level, and potentially, a letter of recommendation.

        Our Program

        Contact us for pricing

        Academic Mentorship

        Work 1-on-1 with professors, researchers, and scholars from top universities

        Get Started
        Get paired with a mentor who teaches
        in your desired field of study
        Conduct 8 total video-chat sessions with
        your mentor
        Receive a syllabus with goals and
        assignments to finish in between sessions
        Design and complete a “capstone” assignment
        or project that you achieve by the final session
        Receive a mid-point evaluation from
        your mentor
        Upon successful completion of your
        mentorship, receive a Final Evaluation
        *Opportunity to earn a letter of
        recommendation from your mentor